Friday, March 30, 2012

Summer is coming up

I've been away too long^^

I haven't been writing for a while now because of my tests week(don't ask) and it's not over yet so prepare..-.-' Never EVER think you're done as the week that you're making tests is over because teachers always make up something new to keep you buisy. And the tests week was done in the middle of the week but NOOOOO we didn't get a few days off or so, we're just doing the next chapter.

It ended at whednesday so that afternoon I went shopping and now I have seen so much things that I actually just NEED to have. So now I have 3 new pants, 2 shorts, 2 shirts and two pairs of earrings. And I want even more t-shirts and a new bag, leave that aside. I'll leave photos of it later. I need to do a lot more stuff but I couldn't ignore my lovely little bloggie any longer so I'll just post some little things.

Another thing I hate: now that my tests week has ended, it took the nice weather with it. So all the time that I have been learning for my tests, the weather has been lovely, but now they say it's going to be freezing again!!#FML

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Racoon - Love you more

I've been away too long
And every day I missed you more
You look like you did before
Only prettier
Every day I love you more

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

OMG, am I sick?

I just found out that I haven't been shopping for about.. well.. TWO FREAKIN' MONTHS!! OMG, I mean, off course I do have some credits now, but WAUW, two months. It blows me away. I immediatly looked for the thermometer but my values were completely normal, just as my heartrate. I just don't get it, where did it go wrong?:O

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Prevent scripting? What the..?!

God I'm mad. Half an hour ago I wanted to look at a reply someone had left for me so I went to see my page. It doesn't open properly because my computer is afraid of scripting or shit. Jesus, for two fucking months: no problem but now it suddenly thinks my page is going to 'script'? I hate it when my computer makes up things itself and lets me fix it myself..

Crashing computers drive me crazy..

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Worst

You might have read the blog message below, and it actually proves how goddamn I hate those jogging suits and how much I want to look good. As I am looking on those sport sites and stuff I immediatly see things that would look good if you wouldn't wear it as a sports item but in combination with a casual t-shirt or jeans. I found a legging that would look amazing with just an black t-shirt or something above it, and good heels under it, and a t- shirt from Adidas which could be easily combined with a black legging or nice jeans.

This proves I do feel better in something that shapes my body, hahaha. I'm the worst.. ^^

Jogging suits

Recently, someone asked me if I ever wear a jogging suit. I don't. I don't even have one. He told me how much he enjoyed wearing them when he had an off day. He also asked me why. Well, because I feel very unwomanly(what a stupid word) when I wear one. If I have an off day, I wear a jeans with a t- shirt I once bought but never actually wear, or something in that direction. He told me that there are many goodlooking jogging suits. Well, I've never ever seen one I like, or even considered buying one.

The sweaters aren't even the problem, there are many jogging sweaters that I love but I just hate the shape of the matching pants.
 Off course, there are nice workout clothes... But seriously, those are meant for working out, not for hanging out. When I wear those jogging suits I can't see the round shapes of my body anywhere. And I love woman who work their shape, so that's my style. Hey, I'm open for new things, but I don't believe I'll ever find one I like. I've been looking for it, Doutzen Kroes has her own collection: Repeat by Doutzen, designed for Repeat Cashmere.

Friday, March 2, 2012


So I got some reactions from people all over the world, people telling me I got such a nice blog(thank you so much, I love hearing it). Then I realized writing in Dutch is very fumbling because only about 17 million people, no, less than 17 million of the 7 billion people in the world can read it. So I descided I might as well try to make myself clear in English. Please forgive me because I don't speak very good English or so but I hope you will understand my next posts.